Monika Bacardi

Although Monika Bacardi has been living in Monaco for the last twenty years, there is but a few chance you’ll be able to meet her in the streets of the principality. From Art Basel to Beverly Hills and Venice, the businesswoman is an art enthusiast who travels the world for the love of painting, of photography and of cinema.


A love for the arts

Monika Bacardi has always felt drawn towards the arts. Her sense of business and her strategic leadership only matches her sensibility and her creativity. When it comes to sharing her passion for modern arts, you can see her eyes shining with stars. “I love Armand’s sculptures with the shapes of musical instruments, she says, because they sum up my two greatest passions: the visual arts and music.”

Her life-long interest in Pop Art ranges from Andy Warhol to Robert Indiana and Roy Liechtenstein. She is also a great fan of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Her love of cinema has always been Monika Bacardi’s driving force. Even before entering the business of film production, she has always strongly advocated in favour of movies’ cathartic ability to move us and, as a consequence, to change the world.

Cinema business out of love

Eventually, Monika Bacardi’s passion for the seventh art was the reason she founded AMBI Group in 2013. AMBI Group is a company based in Europe and Nord America with a sales arm in Beverly Hills, California, and in Toronto, Canada. It is dedicated to producing popular films for a worldwide audience. AMBI’s mission is undertaking to provide financial backing for medium to high-budget international films featuring Hollywood names. In order to do so, AMBI pursues marketable Hollywood talent and international stars, while fostering an artist-friendly environment for filmmakers and talent willing to explore original stories with global appeal.

Most of the movies in AMBI's portfolio contain a philosophical and social message. For example, “Hope Lost” deals with the human trafficking of foreign women in Italy, sold into prostitution and even snuff movies. As Monika Bacardi recently told to Huffington Post’s journalist E. Nina Rothe, The Humbling, starring Al Pacino, focuses on the issues faced by a younger woman in her relationship with an older man. In the article, Bacardi admitted that before Hope Lost she "didn't even know the 'snuff movie' industry existed, these are terrible things!" Monika Bacardi considers it is her responsibility to guarantee their stories will pass through to the public. While movies may have enhanced the stories to make them more cinematic, the film producer always points out such a process is necessary to make the core message clearer and more understandable by the audience. 

Current project : La Dolce Vita remake

Italian-born Monika Bacardi seems fearless. Her latest project is one she has been toying with for a long time. The AMBI Group recently announced they will be working on a remake on Fellini’s iconic movie « La Dolce Vita ». “We’ve been approached countless times and asked to consider everything from remakes and re-imaginings to prequels and sequels. We knew it would take very special producers and compelling circumstances to motivate the family to allow rights to be optioned,” said the director’s niece Francesca Fellini in a statement mentioned in the Huffington Post’s piece. “Daniele, Andrea and Monika have a beautiful vision of a modern film, and considering their Italian heritage and deep appreciation and understanding of my uncle’s works, there couldn’t be a better alignment for this project.” 

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